"Invoke-Command -AsJob" - Remote Background Jobs in PowerShell


How to start a background job on a remote computer in Windows PowerShell?

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You can use the "Invoke-Command -AsJob" cmdlet to start a background job on a remote computer.

Actually, the "Invoke-Command -AsJob" cmdlet is creating a local background job that runs the specified command on a remote computer. So "Invoke-Command office-server -AsJob {...}" is similar to "Start-Job {Invoke-Command office-server {...}}".

Here is an example of using the "Invoke-Command -AsJob" cmdlet:

PS C:\fyicenter>Invoke-Command office-server -ScriptBlock {Get-EventLog system} -AsJob

Id   Name    State      HasMoreData   Location           Command
---  ----    -----      -----         -----------        ---------------
1    Job1    Running    True          office-server  Get-EventLog system


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