"Lenovo Virtual Camera Controller - vcamsvc.exe" Service on Windows 7


What is "Lenovo Virtual Camera Controller" in my Windows 7 service list? And how is "Lenovo Virtual Camera Controller" service related to vcamsvc.exe?

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"Lenovo Virtual Camera Controller" is a Windows 7 service that manages Integrated Camera virtualization, desktop sharing, and general admin tasks for Lenovo Communications Utility.. "Lenovo Virtual Camera Controller" service is provided by vcamsvc.exe program file.

Detailed information on "Lenovo Virtual Camera Controller" service:

Service name: LENOVO.TVTVCAM
Display name: Lenovo Virtual Camera Controller
Execution command: "C:\Program Files\Lenovo\Communications Utility\vcamsvc.exe"
Dependencies: None

"Lenovo Virtual Camera Controller" service is provided by a program called: vcamsvc.exe:

Name: vcamsvc.exe
Location: C:\Program Files\Lenovo\Communications Utility\vcamsvc.exe
Description: Lenovo Virtual Camera Controller
File version:
Size: 197464 bytes
Modified: 5/29/2014 10:48:08 PM UTC

Disabling "Lenovo Virtual Camera Controller" service should not cause any issues when running Windows 7 system, if you are not using the built-in camera on your computer.


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