"TSUpd4" Scheduled Task on Windows 7


What is the scheduled task "\TSUpd4" on my Windows 7 computer?

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"\TSUpd4" is a scheduled task on Windows 7 system added as part of iTools application installation. iTools allows you to manage your iPhone or iPad devices through your Windows PC.

You will see "\TSUpd4" listed on Task Scheduler with the following information:

Name: TSUpd4
Description: N/A
Actions: C:\Program Files (x86)\ThinkSky\iTools 4\TSUpd4.exe 
Triggers: At 12:43 AM every day and at log on of any user

Program file information about "TSUpd4.exe":

File name: TSUpd4.exe 
File path: 
File size: 
Last modified time: 
File description: 
File version: 
Company name: 

"TSUpd4.exe " is scheduled to run daily.

It is recommended to keep "\TSUpd4" disabled.


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