Remote Procedure Call (RPC) (RpcSs) Service on Windows Server 2008


What is the "Remote Procedure Call (RPC) (RpcSs)" system service on Windows Server 2008? Can I disable "Remote Procedure Call (RPC)"?



"Remote Procedure Call (RPC) (RpcSs)" is a Windows Server 2008 service that is the Service Control Manager for COM and DCOM servers. It performs object activations requests, object exporter resolutions and distributed garbage collection for COM and DCOM servers. If this service is stopped or disabled, programs using COM or DCOM will not function properly. It is strongly recommended that you have the RPCSS service running

Detailed information on "Remote Procedure Call (RPC)" service:

Service name: RpcSs
Display name: Remote Procedure Call (RPC)
Execution command: 
   C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k rpcss
   DCOM Server Process Launcher
   RPC Endpoint Mapper
   Application Identity
   Application Information
   AppX Deployment Service (AppXSVC)
   Background Intelligent Transfer Service
   Background Tasks Infrastracture Service
   Base Filtering Engine
   Certificate Propagation
   CNG Key Isolation
   COM+ Event System
   COM+ System Application
   Credential Manager
   Cryptographic Service
   Device Setup Manager
   Diagnostics Tracking Service
   Distributed Link Tracking Client
   Distributed Transaction Coordinator
   Encrypting File System (EFS)
   Extensible Authentication Protocol
   Function Discovery Providor Host

"Remote Procedure Call (RPC)" service is provided by the svchost.exe program, see "svchost.exe Executable Program on Windows Server 2008" for details.

Disabling "Remote Procedure Call (RPC)" service will cause issues on running Windows Server 2008.


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