Diagnose, Repair and Verify .etl Files


What are Diagnose, Repair and Verify .etl Files Temporary Files on my Windows 7 computer? Can I remove them?

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Diagnose, Repair and Verify .etl Files Temporary Files are created by the Windows Network Diagnostics program. They are located in the \Users\<userid>\AppData\Local\Temp folder.

When you Windows computer runs into problems connecting to the Internet, it will display a message with a link called "Troubleshoot". If you click on it, Windows will start to troubleshoot the problem,

In most cases, Windows will identify the problem and repair the problem by itself.

At the same time, Windows will create 3 temporary files named as *.Diagnose.0.etl, *.Repair.1.etl, and *.Verify.2.etl. For example:

262,144   65B963F4-297B-4928-94B3-6D6A0623F8EA.Verify.2.etl
131,072   65B963F4-297B-4928-94B3-6D6A0623F8EA.Repair.1.etl
196,608   65B963F4-297B-4928-94B3-6D6A0623F8EA.Diagnose.0.etl

Those temporary files are called ETL (Event Tracing Log) files. If you have the right tool, you open and read them to see what was the root cause of the problem, and how it was repaired.

Yes. You can delete older Diagnose, Repair and Verify .etl files to keep the temporary file folder clean.

The picture below shows you how Windows Network Diagnostics program diagnoses and repairs an Internet connection problem.
Windows Network Diagnostics Program


dd_vcredist_*.log Temporary Files

~DF*.TMP Temporary Files

Files in %TEMP% and %TMP% Folders

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