TCD*.tmp Temporary Folders


What are TCD*.tmp Temporary Folders on my Windows 7 computer? Can I remove them?



TCD*.tmp Temporary Folders are created by Microsoft Office programs. They are located in the \Users\<userid>\AppData\Local\Temp folder.

TCD*.tmp Temporary Folders contain one of the following files:

1. *.xsl File - For example, "harvardanglia2008officeonline.xsl", and "mlaseventheditionofficeonline.xsl", which are Microsoft Office online XSLT style files.

2. *.docx File - For example, "Cover Page (Annual Report Red and Black design).docx", and "Text Cover (Student Report Blue design).docs", which are Microsoft Office Word template documents.

3. No Files - Empty folder with no files.

It seems that Windows is downloading those temporary files every one or two weeks. And each time it creates multiple TCD*.tmp Temporary Folders with 4 Hex digits in the middle of the folder name like TCD9B2D.tmp.

So you will have over 1000 TCD*.tmp Temporary Folders on your computer after using Microsoft Office programs for a year or so.

Yes. You can delete TCD*.tmp Temporary Folders. They are useless.


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