Use the Windows Registry to Fix PC Errors


Use the Windows Registry to Fix PC Errors

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One of the most popular methods to clean up and repair the registry is by using a registry cleaner tool.
You can perform the following tasks to perform registry maintenance using your registry cleaner tool:

  • Scan and remove unwanted, obsolete, and invalid information from the registry.
  • Repair corrupt and damaged registry entries to fix computer errors such as DLL errors, driver errors, ActiveX/COM errors, stop errors and fatal errors.
  • Defrag the registry to remove vacant registry keys left behind after registry cleanup and program uninstall to compress it and consolidate registry files to make them contiguous, and as result increase the speed of your PC.
  • Simplify the process of making regular registry backups—you must make regular registry backups so that in case the registry fails and you are unable to fix it, you can restore it from the last taken backup.

In case your system refuses to startup normally, then in order to run the registry cleaner tool to fix registry errors, start your PC in Windows XP Safe Mode and then run the tool. Safe Mode loads only essential processes that are required to run your PC. Therefore, many users prefer to perform PC maintenance activities such as registry scan, antivirus and antispyware, disk cleanup and disk defrag in this mode. To run your PC in Safe Mode, press F8 when your system starts up and select Safe Mode.

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