Setting Windows Explorer Context Menu


Setting Windows Explorer Context Menu

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1. Run WinZIP and select menu Options > Configuration. The configuration dialog box shows up.
2. Click the Explorer Enhancements tab and make the following context menu commands checked:
* Add to Zip...
* Add to .zip
* Extract to...
* Extract to here
* Extract to
* Create Self-Extractor(.EXE)
* ...
3. Click the OK button and exit WinZip.
4. Run Start > Accessories > Windows Explorer.
5. Locate a directory name that you want to compress into a ZIP file.
6. Right mouse click on the directory name. The context menu shows up. You should see "WinZip" is listed there as a submenu entry.
7. Select context menu WinZip > Add to .zip. The selected directory will be compressed into a ZIP file. The new ZIP file will be located in the current directory.
8. Delete the compressed directory and keep the ZIP file.
9. Locate the newly created ZIP file and select context menu WinZip > Extract to here. The compressed directory will be extract out of the ZIP file


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