Disabling Problem Reports and Solutions


How to disable Problem Reports and Solutions? Problem Reports and Solutions is a nice feature of Windows Vista system. But it keeps running in the background and taking CPU and memory resources of the computer. So can I disable Problem Reports and Solutions?

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Steps to disable or turn off Problem Reports and Solutions:

1. Click the Windows shortcut key or Vista Orb button to bring up the Vista Start menu.

2. Type "Problem Reports and Solutions" in the Start Search text box. The "Problem Reports and Solutions" shortcut shows up in the program list.

3. Click "Problem Reports and Solutions" shortcut to run "Problem Reports and Solutions".

4. Locate and click the Change Settings option in the left pane the "Problem Reports and Solutions" window.

5. Click the "Advanced Settings" link.

6. Set the "For my programs, problem reporting is:" option to "Off".

7. Set the "For all users and programs, problem reporting is set to:" option to "Off".


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