How do I copy recorded tv programmes to dvd in Windows 7?


I have copied tv programmes to my laptop hard drive. How do I transfer them to DVD-RW disks? Do I have to format blank disks first? If so,how? Do I have to finalise disks after copying? If so,how?

All help and advice greatly appreciated.
Thank you

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You can burn recorded TV shows or other video files that appear in your media library in Windows Media Center to a DVD that you can play in a DVD player or on your computer.

When you burn video files to a DVD, the files are converted so that you can play them in a standard DVD player. Burning a TV show to a DVD can take a longer amount of time—the time it takes to burn a TV show to a DVD depends on different factors: the length of the added video files, your computer system resources, and the speed of your DVD burner.

  1. Start Windows Media Center. Insert a recordable DVD into your DVD burner.
  2. Click the Burn a CD or DVD notification that appears in Windows Media Center, or, on the start screen, scroll to Tasks, and then click burn cd/dvd
  3. On the Select Disc Format screen, click Video DVD, and then click Next
  4. Using the keyboard, type a name for your DVD, and then click Next
  5. On the Select Media screen, click Recorded TV or Video Library, and then click Next
  6. Click the TV show or video that you want to add to your disc, so that a check mark appears on the selected TV show or video file, and then click Next
  7. If you want to add more video files to the disc, on the Review & Edit List screen, click Add More
  8. Repeat steps 5-7 until you have added the recorded TV shows and videos to the disc that you want to burn.
  9. After you have added all the video files that you want to burn, on the Review & Edit List screen, click Burn DVD
  10. In the Initiating Copy notification, click Yes
  11. After the disc is burned, in the Completing Disc Creation notification, click Done

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