Does the software have a digital signature?


Does the software have a digital signature?

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If so, check the digital signature to be sure that it's valid, that the software publisher is the one you expected, and that the file has not been tampered with. You can view the digital signature by clicking the publisher link in the Internet Explorer security dialog box that is displayed when you download a file.

A digital signature can show you:
 Whether the software has a current certificate. Make sure the certificate has not expired or been revoked, possibly indicating a problem with the company or software.
 The identity of the software publisher.
 Whether the program has been tampered with (possibly by a virus). If the program file has been changed, the digital signature will be invalid. This will be shown in the security report when you click the Security Status bar to right of the Address bar. The security report will show you who the publisher is, and whether the file has been tampered with.

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