Windows Media Center Anytime Upgrade not yet available for RTM version


Please can you confirm if/when a new Media Centre Serial will be available to allow proper testing of RTM version for Media Center and Media playback capabilities...or even if this might have to be done via earlier than Oct planned purchased extra route!

I would very much like to begin testing and feedback on RTM version of Windows 8 as I've previously been invited into Send Feedback programmes of both CP and RP stages...but I am not willing to move from RP until I also have Media Centre as part of OS features, as that is essential to me to allow me to consider installing this as my main daily usage system (to give it best testing)

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That is because that functionality is not ready/available yet to the RTM release of Windows 8. You will have to wait until October 26th 2012 when Windows 8 is generally available then you can make the transaction.

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