Registering Windows 7 HP Computer Later


Can I register my computer later? I don't want to register my computer during the initial Windows 7 system set up process.


Of course, you can choose to


Of course, you can choose to register your computer later. For example, during the initial set up process of installing Windows 7 Home Premium system yourself on your new HP computer, you will see the Step 1 - Register screen like this:
HP Computer Registration - Personal Info

The Register screen asks you to answer these questions:

Register now to get better access to technical support
and helpful information from HP.

First Name:
Last Name:
E-mail (Don't have e-mail? Click "Register Later"):
Confirm E-mail:

May HP e-mail you offers, support updates and event news?
Before you choose, please visit our Online Privacy Statement
to learn how we use automatic data collection tools and your
personal information to tailor your communication.
()Yes  ()No

Registration information is used to help identify your customer
record when you request support or information from HP.
Learn more about the data you are providing to HP.
Registration will be automatically sent to HP when there
is an active Internet connection.

[Register Later] [Next]

Click the "Register Later" button to skip the registration step.


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