Selecting Auto Update Option on Windows 7 System


How to select the option offered by Microsoft to auto update your Windows 7 system?



If you bought a new computer and doing the initial set up process of installing Windows 7 Home Premium system yourself, you should select the "Use recommended settings" option when the "Set Up Windows" wizard prompts you for the Windows system auto update option:
Windows 7 Setup -  Auto Update Option

The "Set Up Windows" wizard will display the auto update option as:

Help protect your computer and improve Windows automatically

- Use recommended settings:
  Install important and recommended updates, help make Internet
  browsing safer, check online for solutions to problems, and
  help Microsoft improve Windows.
- Install important updates only
  Only install security updates and other important updates
  for Windows.

- Ask me later
  Until you decide, your computer might be vulnerable to
  security threats.
Learn more about each option.

When you use recommended settings or install updates only,
some information is sent to Microsoft. The information is not
used to identify you or contact you. To turn off these settings
later, search for 'Turn off recommended setting' in Help and
Support. Read the privacy statement. 


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