Selecting Wireless Connection During Windows 7 Setup


How to select your wireless connection during the Windows 7 system initial set up process?



If you bought a new computer and doing the initial set up process of installing Windows 7 Home Premium system yourself, you can select your wireless connection by clicking the right connection name.

During the set up process, the "Set Up Windows" wizard will automatically detect your wireless connection. It will display it in a list with all other wireless connections in your neighborhood as shown in the picture below:
Windows 7 Setup - Select Wireless Connection

The "Set Up Windows" wizard will display all wireless connections as:

Join a wireless network

Please choose your wireless network. If you don't know your network
details, you can skip this step and do it later.

BELL936      Security-enabled network
BELL073      Security-enabled network
BELL187      Security-enabled network
Vero_Wireless Security-enabled network
BELL593      Security-enabled network

Connect to a hidden wireless network.

If you don't know your wireless connection name, you should select the one with the strongest signal.

Of course, you also need to enter the security password you have created for your wireless connection.


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