Registration Process of Windows 7 HP Computer


What is the HP computer registration process?



If you bought a new HP computer and doing the initial set up process of installing Windows 7 Home Premium system yourself, you will see the HP computer registration wizard near the end of the set process. The registration wizard will guide you to go through 4 steps to register your computer to a HP server and get computer updates from HP.

Step 1: Register - Register now to get better access to technical support and helpful information from HP. See other tutorial for details.

Step 2: Stay Updated - Keep your PC running smoothly and experience improvement program. See other tutorial for details.

Step 3: Protect Your PC - Turn on your security protection. See other tutorial for details.

Step 4: Get Online - Get Connected - Get help with your connection. See other tutorial for details.

Once you completed the HP computer registration process, you will get the "Congratulations" screen. Here is an example:
HP Computer Registration Process

In the example screen, 4 steps of the registration process are summarized. Step 1: Register - You chose to register your computer later; Step 2: Stay Updated - You chose to receive alerts from HP; Step 3: Protect Your PC - You chose not to activate Norton Internet Security; Step 4: Get Online - Your computer is connected to the Internet.


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