What Are Top Features in Windows 7?


What are top features in Windows 7? I am curious about what's new in Windows 7.

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Microsoft thinks that users will like these top features in Windows 7:

1. Snap: Instantly arrange two windows exactly side by side.

2. Live Taskbar Previews: Scan through open files to find just what you're looking for.

3. HomeGroup: Share files, music, even printers, in just four clicks.

4. Pin: Keep programs and files handy: pin them to the taskbar or Jump Lists.

5. Windows Search: Search on your PC the same way you search on the Internet.

6. Jump Lists: Keeps the most recent things you've used handy for faster access than ever.

7. Windows Live Essentials: This collection of free programs puts the Internet in your hands. Share photos. Make movies. Send instant messages and mail. Quick and easy.

8. Windows Media Center: Record TV. Watch Internet TV. Watch DVDs. Enjoy online entertainment. Play your music and watch your videos and slideshows. It's all here.

9. Internet TV: Watch TV shows for free when and where you want with Internet TV on Windows Media Center.

10. View Available Networks: Find and connect to Wi-Fi, mobile broadband, VPN, or dial-up networks with just a couple clicks.


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