Services Running on Vista Enterprise Edition


What are basic services running on a Vista Enterprise Edition?



The table below gives you a list of basic services running on a Windows Vista Enterprise Edition, Service Pack 1, system. If you are running the same edition, you can compare services running your system against this list.

This comparison will tell you if you have any extra services unnecessarily running on your system. These extra services will slow down your system and may harm your system if they are resulted by malware.

List of basic services running on a Windows Vista Enterprise Edition, Service Pack 1

Service NameDisplay Name
AEADIFiltersAndrea ADI Filters Service
AeLookupSvcApplication Experience
AgereModemAudioAgere Modem Call Progress Audio
AppinfoApplication Information
AudioEndpointBuilderWindows Audio Endpoint Builder
AudiosrvWindows Audio
BFEBase Filtering Engine
BITSBackground Intelligent Transfer Service
BrowserComputer Browser
BthServBluetooth Support Service
Citrix_Password_Manager_SagentCitrix Password Manager Sagent
CryptSvcCryptographic Services
CscServiceOffline Files
DcomLaunchDCOM Server Process Launcher
DhcpDHCP Client
DnscacheDNS Client
DPSDiagnostic Policy Service
dsNcServiceJuniper Network Connect Service
EapHostExtensible Authentication Protocol
EventlogWindows Event Log
EventSystemCOM+ Event System
gpsvcGroup Policy Client
hidservHuman Interface Device Access
IKEEXTIKE and AuthIP IPsec Keying Modules
IrmonInfrared monitor service
KeyIsoCNG Key Isolation
KtmRmKtmRm for Distributed Transaction Coordinator
lmhostsTCP/IP NetBIOS Helper
MMCSSMultimedia Class Scheduler
MpsSvcWindows Firewall
MsDtsServerSQL Server Integration Services
NetmanNetwork Connections
netprofmNetwork List Service
NlaSvcNetwork Location Awareness
nsiNetwork Store Interface Service
PcaSvcProgram Compatibility Assistant Service
PlugPlayPlug and Play
Pointsec_startPointsec Service Start
PolicyAgentIPsec Policy Agent
ProfSvcUser Profile Service
RasManRemote Access Connection Manager
RemoteRegistryRemote Registry
RpcSsRemote Procedure Call (RPC)
SamSsSecurity Accounts Manager
SCardSvrSmart Card
ScheduleTask Scheduler
seclogonSecondary Logon
SENSSystem Event Notification Service
ShellHWDetectionShell Hardware Detection
slsvcSoftware Licensing
SpoolerPrint Spooler
SstpSvcSecure Socket Tunneling Protocol Service
stisvcWindows Image Acquisition (WIA)
TabletInputServiceTablet PC Input Service
TermServiceTerminal Services
TrkWksDistributed Link Tracking Client
upnphostUPnP Device Host
UxSmsDesktop Window Manager Session Manager
W32TimeWindows Time
WdiSystemHostDiagnostic System Host
WerSvcWindows Error Reporting Service
WinmgmtWindows Management Instrumentation
WlansvcWLAN AutoConfig
WPDBusEnumPortable Device Enumerator Service
wscsvcSecurity Center
WSearchWindows Search
wuauservWindows Update
wudfsvcWindows Driver Foundation - User-mode Driver Framework


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