What Are Top 10 Reasons to Use Windows 7?


What are top 10 reasons to buy Windows 7? I am thinking to upgrade my computer to Windows 7.

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These are top 10 reasons listed on the Microsoft Web site to use Windows 7:

Reason 1: Get quicker access to all of your stuff - use Pin and Jump Lists to keep the programs and files you use the most right at your fingertips.

Reason 2: Manage open windows more easily - resize and arrange windows simply by dragging their borders to the edge of your screen.

Reason 3: Quickly find what you're looking for - use Windows Search to find a specific file, program, or e-mail in a few seconds.

Reason 4: Share files and printers among multiple PCs - from one Windows 7-based PC to another, you can share files, music, photos, and even printers across your home network.

Reason 5: Stay entertained effortlessly - with Windows Media Center you get one place to enjoy your photos and music, watch and record live TV, and watch free Internet TV.

Reason 6: Easily create and share movies - create great looking movies and slideshows and share them on YouTube in minutes.

Reason 7: Connect to networks easily - view and connect to any available wireless network in as few as three clicks.

Reason 8: Do more and wait less - improvements that can accelerate sleep and resume and make your PC more responsive help you get more done.

Reason 9: Don't leave programs behind - run many Windows XP productivity programs in Windows XP Mode.

Reason 10: Offers your PC better protection - help keep your PC your information, and your family safe.


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