Not able to add an account in the "Mail" app by Microsoft


My default Hotmail account is added by default, but to add another email account, when I bring up the charms ---> "Settings", it displays the 3 options related to "Mail" app -- "Accounts", "Permissions" and "Rate and Review". Clicking on "Permissions" keeps the right side bar open, but clicking on "Accounts" briefly shows the side bar and then the right side bar hides automatically. I tried clicking on the option "Add email account" that is visible for a second before the right side bar disappears and the times when I managed to click it, it just closes and takes me back to the start screen.

Similar issue with the "Finance" app. The finance app opens up fine, but bribing up the menu by sliding up or down, shows all the menu options at the top briefly, but then the menu closes automatically. I tried clicking fast on the options like "Watchlist" etc.. and then the menu did not disappear for some time. BUT THEN I rebooted my machine and the "Finance" app menu bar started closing automatically after showing briefly.

Update : Found the issue: Looks like it's a problem with using the Hotmail account which I have already used for Consumer Preview and all the setting are synced when I installed Release Preview. I did a fresh installation of Release Preview on my other laptop, Dell Inspiron and had the same issue as above when I used my regular previously used Hotmail account. Then I created a new user with a different Hotmail account which I have never used before as a login account. Using the new Hotmail account to login, everything is fine. Opening the charms settings and then clicking on Add email account, keeps the charms bar open and shows the options to add Hotmail, Google, Exchange accounts etc. So seems like there is an issue with synchronization which is causing issues with some problems. But obviously I would like to use my regular Hotmail account as it is my primary account. Can somebody help?

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Are you using your primary email account to sign in as Microsoft account or are you signed in to a local account?

If you are signed in to Microsoft account using your primary email address, Mail app will automatically load your email messages. However, if the contents are too many, you need to give the system some time to gather information from the server to view your email account through Mail app.

We would like to verify if you are able to sign in to your primary email account using the web browser and if you are not experiencing any issues in it's web interface.

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