wscript.exe - Startup - Windows Based Script Host


Can I remove startup application "wscript.exe - Windows Based Script Host" to speedup my computer and reduce security risk?



Startup application wscript.exe is installed as part of the Windows 8 system to run Active scripts like JScript (.JS and .JSE files) and VBScript (.VBS and .VBE files).

If you see wscript.exe in your startup application list, you should find out what script file it is running to decide to keep it or not.

wscript.exe process and program file info:

CPU usage: 00%
Memory usage: N/A
Launching method: System Startup - Windows Based Script Host
Directory: C:\Windows\System32
File name: wscript.exe
Description: Windows Based Script Host
Size: 156 KB (160,256 bytes)
Date: Wednesday, July 25, 2012, 9:22:21 PM
Version: 5.8.9200.16384
Company name: Microsoft
System essential: No
Virus/Spyware/Adware: No

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