Startup Programs on Windows 7 Home Premium


What are default Startup Programs on a Windows 7 Home Premium computer?

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If you are running a Windows 7 system, and you see some strange startup programs showing up on the Startup tab on "msconfig" tool, you can compare your startup programs with this default startup programs of a Windows 7 Home Premium system on a HP laptop:

Synaptics Pointing Device Driver - Synaptics Incorporated
IDT PC Audio - IDT, Inc.
HP MediaSmart SmartMenu - Unknown
Java(TM) Platform SE 6 U14 - Sun Microsystems, Inc.
HP Advisor - Hewlett-Packard
LightScribe - Hewlett-Packard
Catalyst Control Center - Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
MUI StartMenu Application - Cyberlink Corp.
HP Quick Launch Buttons - Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
Norton Online Backup - Symantec Corporation
Adobe Acrobat - Adobe Systems Incorporated
hpwuSchd Application - Hewlett-Packard
HP Wireless Assistant - Hewlett-Packard


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