Boosting Performance by Disabling Unnecessary Services on Windows XP Home Edition - Part III


Summary of suggested services settings for Windows XP Home Edition SP2 system - Part III



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Service NameStartup TypeUsage Note
ServerDisabledUsed to share files and resources to other computers.
Shell Hardware DetectionDisabledUsed to support auto-play functions.
Smart CardDisabledUsed to support smart card devices.
SSDP Discovery ServiceDisabledUsed to support UPnP devices on local networks.
System Restore ServiceAutomaticUsed to take snapshots of the running system.
Task SchedulerAutomaticUsed to configure and schedule automated tasks.
TCP/IP NetBIOS HelperDisabledUsed to support NetBIOS protocol over TCP/IP.
TelephonyManualUsed by Internet dialup connections.
Terminal ServicesDisabledUsed to offer terminal services to other computers.
ThemesAutomaticUsed to support Windows XP appearance themes.
Uninterruptible Power SupplyDisabledUsed to support UPS devices.
Universal Plug and Play Device HostDisabledUsed to support UPnP devices.
Volume Shadow CopyManualUsed to support Microsoft Backup Utilities.
WebClientDisabledEnables Windows-based programs to create and modify Internet-based files.
Windows AudioAutomaticUsed to manage audio devices for playing music files.
Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)AutomaticUsed to support Windows firewall.
Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)DisabledUsed by image acquisition devices, like scanners.
Windows InstallerManualUsed for installing .msi files.
Windows Management InstrumentationAutomaticAn essential service to the system.
Windows TimeDisabledUsed for time synchronization with other computers.
Windows User Mode Driver FrameworkAutomaticAn essential service to the system.
Wireless Zero ConfigurationDisabledUsed for wireless connections.
WMI Performance AdapterManualUsed by Windows Management Instrumentation functions.
WorkstationAutomaticUse to connecting to local network servers.

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