Windows 8 Kernel_data_inpage_error


On Friday I bought a wireless mouse that did not say compatible with Windows 8 on the pack. But the Logitech website says it is compatible (M185 mouse model). Since then we have had a lot of issues:

- IE crashing
- Freezing at the same point when trying to start Sims 3.
After a couple of things I did like clean the disc etc I decided to run a scan on AVG. AVG has been installed for a while and has managed scans in the past without issue.

This last weekend I noticed a crash in AVG. So the last few days I have been using AVG as the one thing I know will trigger the crash. If AVG finished I would assume all is ok.

I ran chkdsk which found no errors.

Also I wonder if I should look for a system restore point from over a week ago (if one exists). I won't be able to make progress for another 12 hours or so.

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Please uninstall AVG rather than just disabling it, and if you're still crashing afterwards removing the wireless mouse from the equation.

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