Picture Quality Level of LG P925


What are JPG/JPEG compression quality levels supported in Samsung LG P925 cell phone? Its Image Quality setting provides 3 options: "Super fine", "Fine" and "Normal".

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To figure out the JPG/JPEG compression quality levels corresponding to "Super fine", "Fine" and "Normal" image quality options in LG P925 cell phone, you can:

1. Take 3 pictures with LG P925 cell phone with different photo quality settings: one for "Super fine", one for "Fine" and one for "Normal".

2. Send those 3 picture files to a Windows computer.

3. Run jpgQ.exe to estimate the JPG/JPEG quality level on each picture file. You will get something like:

   Setting   Quality
Super fine       93%
      Fine       85%
    Normal       80%

Based on this table and comparing to other photo pictures, you should consider to set Image Quality to "Super fine" on your LG P925 phone. Remember that at 95% quality level, JPG/JPEG compression can maintain a very good picture quality and reduce file size by about 55%.

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