Completely locked out on my windows 8 laptop


completely locked out my computer when I turn on my computer it says put password. the username says my e-mail but I know my e-mail password and I put it correctly I even login to my hotmail and the password was correct I even changed it right now and still I try to type it on my windows 8 locked computer and keep saying wrong password! Doesn't even show me password hint or tells me to reset password. I do not have another user i can switch to or anything I have no idea what can I do?? When i try to go to safe mode it tells me to put password for homegroupuser$ which that I'm guessing is another domain administrator account and I never put a password on it on that user. I keep pressing enter with nothing typed on the password and it keep telling me wrong password and I have tryd a few different password that I would always use and they are not the right one! I'm the owner of this computer. I can't use a cd or flash drive to reboot my computer because every time i click on them in the advanced opioins its always take me to the login screen. I can't do anything go to cmd or safe mode or restore system I'm completely locked out I do not know what to do ugh this would have never happen on my window 7 laptop

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You can do a refresh (or reset to factory) from the boot screen. Check with your computer manual (or Google it) to find out how.

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