Generating Customized Popup Windows


How to generate customized popup windows with JavaScript?



If you want to generate a customized popup window to attract the attention of your visitors, you can follow this chromeless popup window developed by Mariano Klein, See the following JavaScript code outline:

<script type="text/javascript" src="/ByKlein_Chromeless/By...
<script type=""text/javascript" >
function createChromeless() {
   var B = "ByKlein_Chromeless_Window_Object.htm";
   var Y = "ByKleins Chromeless Windows";         
   var K = "ByKlein_Chromeless/titlebar.gif";     
   var L = 25;                                    
   var E = "Arial";                               
   var I = 10;                                    
   var N = "#F0F0F0";                             
   var C = false;                                 
   var h = 520;                                   
   var r = 235;                                   
   var o = true;                                  
   var m = 10;                                    
   var e = 10;                                    
   var l = "#59657B";                             
   var e_= 5;                                     
   var s = "ByKlein_Chromeless/minimizar.gif";    
   var s_= "ByKlein_Chromeless/cerrar.gif";       
   myChromeless = new ChromelessWindow(B,Y,K,L,E,I,N,C,h,...

You can also visit Popup Blocker Test - P_WINDOW_CHROMELESS page to get the complete source code and to see how it works.

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