How to reset Rearm in windows 8


Can you people give me the solution of Rearm. When i type slmgr -rearm in command prompt, it says"Error:0xc004D307 The maximum allowed numbers of re-arm has been exceeded. You must re-install the OS before trying to re-arm again". Please give me the solution for it. My windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation is going to expire in 11 days. I want to use rearm to extend.

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The Re-arm command can't be run more than three times. When you run the same command more than three times you will receive this error message. In this scenario, you will have to re-install the Operating System once again on your computer. As you are trying the re-arm command on Windows 8 Enterprise edition, I suggest you post the same question in Microsoft TechNet forum before you proceed with the re-installation of Windows 8 Enterprise Evolution.

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