Processes with High CPU Usage Numbers


Why some processes have higher the CPU usage numbers?


If you use Windows Task Manager to list all processes on your system as described in our List All Processes tutorial, you will see most processes will have 0 CPU usages. But some processes will have higher CPU usage numbers.

A process with high CPU usage number means that this process is using more CPU resource than other processes at that moment. If a process is constantly using more CPU resource, you should investigate if this is legitimate process or a malware program.

Follow this tutorial to see how Internet Explorer (iexplore.exe) can use up to 25% of your CPU resource.

1. Run Internet Explorer with this URL:

2. Click the first entry in the list. Yahoo! Music Video Player window shows up.

3. Run Windows Task Manager, go to the Processes tab, and click the CPU column to sort the CPU usage numbers in descending order. You should see iexplore.exe process (representing the Yahoo! Music Video Player window) is consuming much more CPU resource that other processes as shown in this picture:
Process with High CPU Usage.

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