Windows 7 or 8 makes buzzing sounds when audio is played


Windows 7 or 8 makes buzzing sounds when playing any audio like music movies any audio, But the sound is OK in windows XP, there is no buzzing sound in Windows XP. only this happen on Window 7 or Windows 8

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Would suggest you to run “Playing audio” troubleshooter to diagnose and fix the issue.

Refer the link “Open the Playing Audio troubleshooter” to run Playing Audio troubleshooter for Windows 7.

Follow these Steps to run Playing Audio Troubleshooter in Windows 8.

a. Press “Windows Key + W”.

b. Then type “Troubleshooter” in the Search box and hit enter.

c. Select “Hardware and Sound” from the Troubleshooter Window.

d. Select “Playing Audio” under Sound option.

e. Follow the On Screen instructions.

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