Can't write to dvd external drive


HP Spectre x360 laptop

Pioneer DVR-XD09 optical burner

Windows 10

I am trying to burn data with a DVD external drive and disks that worked with Windows 7. Now it keeps asking for a writable disk. Tried burning from File Explorer and Nero software that came with the drive. It reads disks fine. Device Manager says the drivers are up to date.

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Provide us with the below details for better clarity on the issue.

1. Do you have internal DVD drive?

2. How many burner software have you installed?

3. Did you try connecting the DVD drive to another USB port and check?

Method :

I suggest you check if CD recording is enabled on the CD/DVD drive and check if the issue is resolved. To do so follow the steps below.


1. Right click on DVD/CD-R/W drive.

2. Select Properties and then select Recording tab.

3. Make sure 'Enable CD recording on this drive' is checked.

4. Change write speed from 'fastest' to 4X (or as fast as you want).

5. Click Ok.

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