Debugging Variables in Windows PowerShell ISE


How to display the values of variables while debugging in Windows PowerShell ISE?



You can display the current values of variables in the script as you step through the code.

To display the values of standard variables, you can use one of the following methods:

  • In the Script Pane, hover over the variable to display its value as a tool tip.
  • In the Console Pane, type the variable name and press ENTER.

All panes in ISE are always in the same scope. Therefore, while you are debugging a script, the commands that you type in the Console Pane run in script scope. This allows you to use the Console Pane to find the values of variables and call functions that are defined only in the script.

However, the above methods do not work for the following automatic variables ($_, $Input, $MyInvocation, $PSBoundParameters, and $Args). If you try to display the value of any of these variables, you get the value of that variable for in an internal pipeline the debugger uses, not the value of the variable in the script.

You can work around this issue by assigning the value of the automatic variable to a new variable. Then display the value of the new variable, either by hovering over the new variable in the Script Pane, or by typing the new variable in the Console Pane.


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