Start Task Manager on Windows 8


How to start Task Manager on Windows 8? I want to review processes that are running on my computer.



"/> Task Manager is a system tool that allows you to review and manage processes. There are two ways to start the Task Manager on Windows 8:

1. The quickest way to start Task Manager is to right-click on the task bar at the bottom of the desktop. Then select "Start Task Manager" from the context menu.

2. Another way is to enter "task manager" in the Apps search box. Then click "Task Manager" in the suggested match list.

When you start Task Manager for the first time, it will display a small window with less information. You need to click the "More details" button to see the normal window with full functionalities.

Picture below shows you how to start Task Manager from the task bar:
Windows 8 - Start Task Manager from Task Bar


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