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How to change starting home page setting in Internet Explorer (IE) 7?



Starting home page is a very important setting in Internet Explorer (IE) 7. It determines the first Website you will see each time you start Internet Explorer (IE). There many ways this starting home page setting will be changed:

1. When you purchase a new computer. It will be set to the computer manufacture Website, like Dell.

2. Upgrading Internet Explorer. It will be set to Microsoft Website.

3. Installing an Internet dialup connection program. It will be set to the dialup provider Website, like AOL.

4. Installing Web-based applications, it will be set to the Website of the application provider.

5. When your computer gets infected by an adware/spyware, it will be set to an advertiser Website.

6. To change starting home page back to your preferred Website, you need go to Tools menu and select Internet Options. The Internet Option dialog box shows up.

7. Enter about:blank in the Address field as shown in the picture below:
Internet Explorer (IE) 7 Home Page Setting.


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