Settings of Scheduled Task on Windows 8


What are settings of a scheduled task on my Windows 8 computer?



A setting of a scheduled task defines define options other than those defined as triggers and conditions.

For example, if you double-click on "Adobe Acrobat Update Task", you will see the properties screen of this task.

Click on "Actions" tab. You see 4 settings are turned on:

[x] Allow task to be run on demand
[x] Run task as soon as possible after a scheduled start is missed
[ ] If the task fails, restart every...
[x] Stop the task if it runs longer than 3 days
[ ] If the task is not scheduled to run again, delete it after...
[x] If the task is already running, the following rule applies:
    Do not start a new instance 

Windows 8 - Settings of Scheduled Task


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