"Lenovo Active Protection System" Scheduled Task on Windows 7


What is the scheduled task "\Lenovo Active Protection System" on my Windows 7 computer?

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"\Lenovo Active Protection System" is a scheduled task on Windows 7 system added as part of Windows installation.

When the Active Protection system is enabled, it protects your hard drive when the shock sensor inside your ThinkPad computer detects a situation that could potentially damage the hard drive. The protection system stops your hard drive by moving the read/write heads of the hard drive to areas that do not contain data, and may also stop spinning the disks of the hard drive. The hard drive is less vulnerable to damage when it is not in operation. The protection system turns the hard drive on again once the shock sensor detects a stable environment (minimal change in system tilt, vibration, or shock). When the protection system detects system motion and stops your hard drive, the following message is displayed.

You will see "\Lenovo Active Protection System" listed on Task Scheduler with the following information:

Name: Lenovo Active Protection System
Description: N/A
Actions: C:\windows\system32\TpShUI.exe t

Program file information about "TpShUI.exe":

File name: TpShUI.exe
File path: C:\windows\system32\TpShUI.exe
File size: 120424 bytes
Last modified time: 3/21/2017 9:55:10 AM
File description: Active Protection System User Interface Supporter
File version: 1.82.0000.0014
Company name: Lenovo.

"TpShUI.exe" is scheduled to run at login time.

It is recommended to keep "\Lenovo Active Protection System" enabled as a scheduled task.


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