"G2MUploadTask-S-1-5-21-..." Scheduled Task on Windows 7


What is the scheduled task "\G2MUploadTask-S-1-5-21-..." on my Windows 7 computer?

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"\G2MUploadTask-S-1-5-21-..." is a scheduled task on Windows 7 system added as part of GoToMeeting client installation.

You will see "\G2MUploadTask-S-1-5-21-..." listed on Task Scheduler with the following information:

Name: G2MUploadTask-S-1-5-21-...
Description: Uploads diagnostic info previously recorded by GoToMeeting with your consent. This task is removed when GoToMeeting is uninstalled.
Actions: C:\Users\fyicenter\AppData\Local\GoToMeeting\7586\g2mupload.exe 

Program file information about "g2mupload.exe":

File name: g2mupload.exe
File path: C:\Users\fyicenter\AppData\Local\GoToMeeting\7586\g2mupload.exe
File size: 31808 bytes
Last modified time: 9/9/2017 12:31:17 PM
File description: GoToMeeting
File version: 8.11.0 Build 7586
Company name: LogMeIn, Inc.

"g2mupload.exe" is scheduled to run every day.

It is recommended to disable "\G2MUploadTask-S-1-5-21-..." as a scheduled task.


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