Check Number of CPU on Windows Server 2016


How can I tell the number of CPU or logical processors on my Windows Server 2016?



To find out how many CPUs you are running on your Windows Server 2016, you can do the following:

1. Open the PowerShell command window, and type in the "taskmgr" command as shown below. You will see the "Task Manager" screen displayed.

PS C:\Users\fyicenter> taskmgr

2. Click on the "Performance" tab. Then click the "CPU" entry on the left. You will see CPU information displayed.

3. Read the CPU information section near the right bottom corner. I will see:

  • Number of Cores (CPU) and Logical processors displayed, if it's a physical machine.
  • Number of Virtual processors displayed, if it's a virtual machine.

For example, the picture below shows 2 Logical processors running on a Windows Server 2016 virtual machine:
Windows Server 2016 Task Manager - CPU View


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