Application Host Helper Service (AppHostSvc) on Windows Server 2008


What is the "Application Host Helper Service (AppHostSvc)" system service on Windows Server 2008? Can I disable "Application Host Helper Service"?



"Application Host Helper Service (AppHostSvc)" is a Windows Server 2008 service that provides administrative services for IIS, for example configuration history and Application Pool account mapping. If this service is stopped, configuration history and locking down files or directories with Application Pool specific Access Control Entries will not work.

Detailed information on "Application Host Helper Service" service:

Service name: AppHostSvc
Display name: Application Host Helper Service
Execution command:
   C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k apphost
Dependencies: None

"Application Host Helper Service" service is provided by the svchost.exe program, see "svchost.exe Executable Program on Windows Server 2008" for details.

Disabling "Application Host Helper Service" service should not cause any issues on running Windows Server 2008. If you are not running IIS on the system, you can disable "Application Host Helper Service" to improve system performance and security.


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