Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) Service on Windows Server 2008


What is the "Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS)" system service on Windows Server 2008? Can I disable "Background Intelligent Transfer Service"?



"Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS)" is a Windows Server 2008 service that transfers files in the background using idle network bandwidth. If the service is disabled, then any applications that depend on BITS, such as Windows Update or MSN Explorer, will be unable to automatically download programs and other information.

Detailed information on "Background Intelligent Transfer Service" service:

Service name: BITS
Display name: Background Intelligent Transfer Service
Execution command: 
   C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
   COM+ Event System
   Remote Procedure Call (RPC)

"Background Intelligent Transfer Service" service is provided by the svchost.exe program, see "svchost.exe Executable Program on Windows Server 2008" for details.

Disabling "Background Intelligent Transfer Service" service should not cause any issues on running Windows Server 2008. If you are not using Windows Update service to automatically receive updates on the system, you can disable "Background Intelligent Transfer Service" to improve system performance and security.


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