Use Quotation to Protect Space in File Name


How to Quotation to Protect Space in File Names to be passed as batch file parameters?



If you want pass a file name or path name that has space characters as a single parameter to a batch file, you need to put the name in a quotation format (enclosed in a pair of double quotes).

For example, the path name "\Program Files (x86)\Java" has two space characters in it. If you provide it to the batch file with no quotation, the space characters will break the path name into 3 parameters:

C:\fyicenter>Batch-File-Parameters.bat \Program Files (x86)\Java
(\Program) (Files) ((x86)\Java) () ()
(\Program Files (x86)\Java)

But if you provide the path name in quotation format, space characters will be protected, and it will stay as a single parameter:

C:\fyicenter>Batch-File-Parameters.bat "\Program Files (x86)\Java"
("\Program Files (x86)\Java") () () () ()
("\Program Files (x86)\Java")


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