Remove Quotation Marks from Parameters


How to Remove Quotation Marks from Parameters?



If a parameter is passed in a quotation format, you can remove quotation marks by using the replacement function in the variable expansion expression in 3 steps:

1. Assign the parameter to a variable. For example,

set x=%1

2. Update the variable with quotation marks removed:

set x=%x:"=%
rem A more generic syntax is: %variable:old=new%

3. Use the variable anywhere you need it:

echo (%x%)

Here is a demonstration batch file called Parameter-Cleaned:

@echo off

echo (%0)
echo (%1) (%2) (%3) (%4) (%5)
echo (%*)

set x=%1
set x=%x:"=%
echo (%x%)

You can test the above batch file like this:

C:\fyicenter>Parameter-Cleaned.bat "\Program Files (x86)\Java"
("\Program Files (x86)\Java") () () () ()
("\Program Files (x86)\Java")
(\Program Files (x86)\Java)


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