"shift" - Shift Batch Parameters


What is the "shift" batch command for?

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The "shift" command is for shift values of batch parameters downward by one position.

Below is the "shift" command syntax:


When the "shift" command is executed, values of batch parameters will be shift downward by one position. In other words, the value of %1 is copied to %0, the value of %2 is copied to %1, and so on. This is useful for writing a batch file that performs the same operation on any number of parameters.

Here is an example on how to use the "shift" command to copy multiple files to a directory:

@echo off 
rem MYCOPY.BAT copies any number of files
rem to a directory.
rem The command uses the following syntax:
rem mycopy dir file1 file2 ... 

set todir=%1

if "%1"=="" goto end
copy %1 %todir%
goto getfile

set todir=
echo All done


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