Installing Yahoo Toolbar for IE 7 Browser


How to download and install Yahoo Toolbar for Internet Explorer (IE) 7 browser?



Yahoo Toolbar adds some nice features to your IE browser:

  • Better Bookmarks - Easier to organize, searchable, and accessible from any PC
  • Custom Buttons - 1 click access to any site on the Web
  • Security - Protect your PC from spyware with Norton security

This tutorial shows you how to download and install Yahoo! Toolbar to your Internet Explorer (IE) browser:

1. Go to

2. Click the Download Yahoo! Toolbar button.

3. Yahoo! Toolbar Setup dialog box shows up.

4. Follow the instruction to finish the installation.

5. IE browser will be restarted by the installation program showing you the page. This page allows to add more Yahoo! Toolbar buttons.

6. When installation is done, go visit, you should see Yahoo! Toolbars with many buttons as displayed in the screenshot below:
Internet Explorer (IE) Yahoo! Toolbar.


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