McAfee Security Scan Plus Report


How to read McAfee Security Scan Plus report? I just scanned my computer.



After scanning your computer, McAfee Security Scan Plus will given you a report with 5 possible status types:

1. Your PC is at risk - At risk because your virus or firewall software are not found, out of date, or turned off.

Your computer might also be infected with viruses, spyware, malware, or other potential threats.

You need to install an anti-virus software or update it, like Windows Defender.

2. Scan your PC - Potentially at risk because there might be a problem with your virus, firewall, or web protection software.

You should scan your computer again.

3. Issues found - Potentially at risk. Either you have no web protection software on your computer, or your web browser history shows that you recently visited a potentially dangerous website.

NOTE: Your McAfee Security Scan Plus software checks the web browsing history in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome.

You need to be careful when surfing the Internet.

4. No issues found - Running anti-virus and firewall protection software, but neither of them is a McAfee product.

Don't do anything. You are running some anti-virus software on your computer correctly.

5. McAfee is protecting your PC - Protected, and your McAfee virus, firewall, and web protection software is installed and up to date.

Don't do anything. You are running a McAfee anti-virus software on your computer correctly.


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