What Are %TEMP% and %TMP% Folders


What are %TEMP% and %TMP% Folders on my Windows 7 computer?

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%TEMP% and %TMP% Folders are folders specified in two environment variables called TEMP and TMP.

By default, Windows 7 sets both TEMP and TMP environment variables to the same folder:


In general, Windows 7 system program will use %TEMP% folder to create temporary files. And third party application programs will use %TMP% folder to create temporary files.

In most cases, programs will automatically remove temporary files after the execution.

But some programs will leave those temporary files in TEMP% and %TMP% folders. If you run those programs again, they will create and leave new temporary files. After a while, you will have a lots of files in EMP% and %TMP% folders.

So you need to review and remove files in EMP% and %TMP% folders regularly to keep your system health.


CVR*.tmp.cvr Temporary Files

Files in %TEMP% and %TMP% Folders

Files in %TEMP% and %TMP% Folders

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