Downloading and Installing FileZilla


How to download and install FileZilla 2.2?



If you want to download and install FileZilla, you should follow this tutorial:

1. Go to FileZilla home page.

2. Click the Download link. The list of download files shows up.

3. Click FileZilla_2_2_32_setup.exe in the line of "3458079 383955 i386 .exe (32-bit Windows)".

4. The File Download dialog box shows up to allow you save the download file to your local hard drive in the directory like c:\temp.

5. When the download is down, you should see a file of c:\temp\FileZilla_2_2_32_setup.exe with 3,458,079 bytes.

6. To install FileZilla, double click on c:\temp\FileZilla_2_2_32_setup.exe. The FileZilla installation wizard shows up.

7. Follow the intruction given by the wizard to finish the installation. FileZilla will be installed at C:\Program Files\FileZilla.

8. To verify the installation, click Start > Programs > FileZilla > FileZilla. You should see the FileZilla window as shown in the following picture:
FileZilla 2.2 Main Window

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