Burning ISO 9660 Image to CD with FinalBurner


Burning ISO 9660 Image to CD with FinalBurner

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After check the ISO image with "isoinfo" command, I am ready to burn or copy it to a blank CD-R (CD Recordable). Here is what I did with my ISO image C:\temp\arch2006.iso:
0. Insert a blank CD-R (CD Recordable) into the CD drive.
1. Start FinalBurner and double-click the "Burn .ISO" icon. The Burn screen shows up.
2. Click the "Browse" link next to the "ISO file" field. The Open dialog box shows up.
3. Find and select the ISO image file: C:\temp\arch2006.iso. FinalBurner shows you the total size near the bottom of the window as: 0 Gb 677 Mb 283 kb 256 bytes. The size increased a little bit comparing with the total size at the time of creating the ISO image.
4. Review burning options. 3 of them are important:
Allow next session: Unchecked - Close the CD to not allow future writing.
Close session: Checked - This session should be closed with writing is done.
Write speed: 10x - 1764 kb\s - Your CD-R and CD drive can operate at a higher speed. But using a lower speed ensures a better writing quality.
5. Click the Burn button. FinalBurner will burn the ISO image to the CD-R. It took 5 minutes and 15 seconds to burn arch2006.iso. This matches my expectation. A full disc requires about 60 minutes to write at 1x speed. So 10x is 10 times faster which gives 6 minutes to write a full disc.
6. Label the finished CD with "arch2006: 2002-2006 files"

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