Validating the Finished Data CD


Validating the Finished Data CD

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When FinalBurner finished writing the ISO image on the CD, you should some validation on the final CD.
The first validation should be done with Windows Explorer:
Insert the "arch2006" CD. Drive D: should show up.
Open drive D: with Windows Explorer. 6 files show up.
Double click on file2006.rar. The contents of file2006.rar open up by WinRAR.
The second validation should be done by coping all files from the CD back to harddisk to make sure all files can be read back correctly.
Select all 6 files in drive D:.
Copy and paste them to C:\temp.
Watch the copy process to see if there is any reading error.
If no errors, the quality of the data on the CD is good. Put it in safe and clean place.

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