Movie VCD File Directory Structure


Movie VCD File Directory Structure

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Since movie VCD uses the ISO 9660 file system, contents on a VCD are organized into a file directory structure:

\ - Root directory

   CDDA\ - Compact Disc Digital Audio directory
      AUDIO01.DAT - Optional audio file

   CDI\ - CD-i (CD Interactive) directory
      (CD-i program and files)

   EXT\ - Directory introduced in VCD 2.0
      CAPTnn.DAT - Optional Closed Caption data 
      LOT_X.VCD - Optional extended version of LOT.VCD 
      PSD_X.VCD - Optional extended version of PSD,VCD 
      SCANDATA.DAT - Optional list of I-frame addresses 
   KARAOKE\ - Karaoke directory - Karaoke information file

   MPEGAV\ - MPEG Audio and Video directory
      AVSEQ01.DAT - MPEG Audio and Video data file
   SEGMENT\ - Segment play directory
      ITEM0001.DAT - Still picture or menu file

   VCD\ - Information directory
      INFO.VCD - Album and disc identification 
      ENTRIES.VCD - Entry point list for up to 500 entries 
      PSD.VCD - Optional Play Sequence Descriptor 
      LOT.VCD - Optional List ID Offset file 

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